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Club Records 75 to 79 Male
Event Athlete Time/Distance Date
100 yards
100m  George KNOTT  19.9s  1987
200m  George KNOTT  45.2s  18/04/1987
400m  George KNOTT  1m 40.4s  19/03/1988
800m  George KNOTT  4m 08.61s  04/1988
1500m  George KNOTT  7m 36.7s  03/1986
1 mile
Half Marathon
1500m Steeple  George KNOTT  8m 58s 29/03/1986
2000m Steeple  George KNOTT  10m 45.44s  05/12/1987
3000m Steeple  George KNOTT  17m 08s  03/1987
110m/100m Hurdles
200m Hurdles
400m Hurdles
1500m Walk  Bob GARDINER  7m 54.44s 29/03/1986
2000m Walk  Bob GARDINER  11m 03.0s  17/12/2010
3000m Walk  Bob GARDINER  15m 55.37s  3/04/2011
5000m Walk  Bob GARDINER  30m 08.57s  7/04/2012
10000m Walk  Bob GARDINER 59m 55.0s  9/04/2012
Long Jump  George KNOTT  2m 75cm  1986
Triple Jump  George KNOTT  6m 32cm  1986
High Jump  George KNOTT  1m 05cm  30/03/1986
Pole Vault
Shot Put  Colin MURRAYLEE  8m 72cm  17/03/2007
Discus  Colin MURRAYLEE  28m 25cm  17/03/2007
Javelin  Colin MURRAYLEE  30m 90cm  17/03/2007
Hammer  Colin MURRAYLEE  33m 81cm  17/03/2007
4x100m Relay
4x200m Relay
4x400m Relay
1600m Medley Relay